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The invention of lying – review

So a friend of mine recommends this film. I had sort of idea what it was about but i wasnt too sure how they would make it work. I can’t tell you anything about it except that you should watch it. It’s amazing how much of our life is a lie. The movies we watch are fiction, which is just a fancy word for lie, after all they depict situations that never took place. We lie to the people we love to save them from suffering and sometimes we lie to the people we hate to exaggerate a flaw and make them feel like dirt. I try not to lie so much. Well thats a lie I guess. I have not told the truth i didn’t want to write today, and i was trying to come up with ideas on how to excuse my inability to bla bla about a movie. I felt really bad about the whole camping journal thing. I realize its my own doing because i just decided it wasnt good enough. I was lying to myself.

One of the best things about this movie are the cameo appearances of some of my favorite characters from some great movies and shows. Cant tell you who they are, don’t want to spoil the surprise. The acting is pretty par, i mean it’s a comedy after all, you cant expect Shakespearean performances. But it does the trick. Its got Jennifer Garner, who i think looks like a transvestite. I’m sorry, im terrible but i have to be honest and not lie. She has this hard male like facial angles that fashion magazines love but i don’t. Dont get me wrong if she knocked on my door and requested sexual congress, my answer would not be provided in words, but as far as being the definition of hot?… no.   Ricky Gervais is in it too, he’s pretty cool and is in my opinion the ANTI Hugh Grant. Which makes him a lot more relatable and bearable then his counterpart… annoying Hugh. In general the pace of the film is pretty good, the idea is super brilliant and the way it messes with people belief system is pretty wicked. I really liked that aspect of it.

I remember when i was a kid my mother would tell us that if we walked backwards it would cause ones mother, no matter where she was to drop dead immediately. The thought of mother dying at such a tender age was so unbearable that we didn’t even try it. Later i realized that she lied to us in order for us to avoid a dangerous situation with a tangible consequence. Can you think of any other such similar sets of circumstances?  A set of fictional ideas brought forth in order to keep people from killing, cheating, stealing, and so on? I bet there were children that managed to figure out that walking backwards was just a stupid idea on their own, and that mom would be fine if one decided to do it. But i guess there are people who need to believe in a harsher more defined set of consequences to assimilate that they there are things that should not be done.


World’s Greatest Dad – Review

As soon as i began watching this movie I felt the need to fast forward. I didn’t. I held through the acts of complete douchebaggery from an ungratefull little bastard son to his poor father at the beginning of the film and i though… ok 2 hours of this? i wont make it. Thats about the only spoiler ill give you. Because my friend unless you’ve read someones plot summary, you’re in for a treat. This is a wonderful film. I find Robin Williams really annoying. His comedy can be very annoying i mean. But when he gets serious and acts, he is second to none. For the first 20 minutes i swore this was going to be one of those films. You know, those Robin Williams films. It had all the ingredients of the type of film I don’t like. Then the plot got thick. Really thick. Then it twisted some more and made me an accomplice to the Robin Williams character all the way till the end.

The theme of posthumous fame is such an amazing one. Theres something about death that makes whatever we do seem to become more alive and relevant. Wether you’re a self mutilating Dutch painter, an Argentinian rebel aiding the cuban revolution or a young jewish man putting your foot down against an evil empire and the arrogance of an overly dogmatic androcentric religion, if you die you’re set. I guess its got to do with the fact that death puts you straight into permanent freeze. You never age. It is the only thing in the human condition that is eternal. When you’re dead it’s until the end of the universe. Thats pretty impressive. Kind of lame that the only thing we do forever is not be here in the same physical realm.  Not everyone gets posthumous fame. You must have done something pretty special for a religion to be formed in your name and for you to be named a deity a few hundred years after. On the other hand if you’re an ex playmate and you marry a billionaire and your breasts are the size of basketballs and you have a reality show that shows what a pilled up psycobitch you are, youre set for at least a year. Merchandising maybe more.

The thing that impressed me the most about this film were the final credits. And a cameo appearance. But lets stick to the credits. The director of this film is the most unlikely director you can think of. Then again when you see his name and think back at some particular tabu themes addressed in the film and the wonderful acting, and the pace of the film and how amazingly excellent Robin Williams is and how stupid people are when moved by some poor bastards death you find yourself amazed. This was truly a wonderful film that i was in no way expecting to enjoy. Mainly because of Robin Williams and the misleading title. I swore there were going to be 3008958 slapstick moments of stupidity and some dog destroying a house and some lesson and all that copy paste crap. But no, this is a wonderful experience. Difficult and uncomfortable topics of human behaviour are adressed, brutally. So it’s not for the kids at home. But by the end of it you feel like jumping out of a pool but naked.

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