u dont understand my verk – rant

Friday, yay!!!! I’m broke so i cant really go anywhere or do much. I don’t think if i had any money that would have been any different. I am super concerned about my lack of any sort of physical activity altogether. I believe that just like the camera was a priority last pay period, joining a gym and getting a bike should be the priority for next pay period. I do suffer from computer paranoia tho. I DREAD the idea of anything happening to my computer and not having a backup computer to work from. I do have data backups and an extra emergency hard drive, but i used to work in tech support and i know for a fact that motherboards, processors, memory modules, video cards, power supplies an so on just fail. And sometimes all at once. I did assemble my computer part by part so i know how to fix or diagnose most things, but the thing with computers is that the diagnostic is usually “need to get a new…”.  So with that in mind im considering putting together a crappy backup pc just in case, you know…. in case the fat lady hits the fan on the worst possible moment.

At the same time i feel im in the worse shape of my life. I know ive got all i need to get my butt off this chair come quittin time and walk for 30 minutes. But i know myself. I’ll do it 1 or 2 days and then ill be bored. I need to trick my brain into enjoying and looking forward to it. I know not being a slob should be enough motivation, but you’d be surprised the compromises an already lazy brain makes. So im split. Should i invest in a little crappy computer? Or in the whole gym situation. There is a gym bike distance away in a sort of snobbish side of the neighborhood, so good machines and price “motivating” enough to make me go every day just on principle. Plus i get a complementary instructor or something.

Then there is the garden. When i used to live with my ex a long time a go in a zip code far far away, i kept a pretty neat garden. I even had semi pseudo quasi bonsai lemon trees (when we separated she kept the cat, the dog, and the trees. They all died within 9 moths) . I had a time when i tried to make bonsai out of everything man. It was great. The  monotony of every day getting home had a bit of a purpose. I also grew roses, tomatoes and herbs. About 5 days ago i decided to get into the gardening thing again. So every morning before start time i spend about 30 mins with the front garden. This is a very good part of the world to do the plant thing, and why not, ill start bonsaing again. Poorly, but i did manage to make some trees look really cool. I did accidentally kill some trees because of poor pruning or inadequate fertilization techniques.  I called the whole endeavor “My Verk”. You know, like “my work” but with an evil german scientist sort of accentto it. Made me laugh, made my ex laugh, made the cat yawn. Made the plants get enormous and wonderful and yielding once i got the hang of it. And so there we are, over 500 words and no drama. See you all monday. Have a great weekend.


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