cant be bothered – rant

I’ve started at least 4 new posts and failed to finish. It’s like i cant be bothered to write. Ive got heaps of material left from the beach trip but it so personal and journalish that i feel like it may be super boring for people. Not that thousands read it, but i do consider lots the few that do. So i guess when i dont feel like doing something should do what i want. So ill just write random things…

Why is it that its become trendy to go against trends? To the point that the bigger the trend the cooler it is to go against it. I mean, i do it. There are trends i reject absolutely,  but not because its cool but because there are things i genuinely dislike (reality shows, Julia Roberts, Carlos Mencia, lady gaga, brit spears, that friggin black eyed peas song, american idol, kim cardashian, ER, etc, etc, etc). But to pick something that just isnt really hateable and destroy it just to portray an image of  “no one gets me” is super lame. (unless ofcourse you genuinely have a dislike for said thing) Ok maybe some people REALLY hate the beatles. Sure no worries i dont like the rolling stones too much, but to say theyre over rated and suck and so on just because zappa said they suck is a bit on the poser end of the spectre. And to bring a huge amount of historical musical evidence to prove how much the beatles suck and what lame ripoff buffoons they were is really taking it to the limit.

If the person who said this is somehow reading this, im sorry i didn’t want to get into a huge argument on Facebook. And besides i don’t want to argue about how crappy and over rated you and frank Zappa think the beatles are. Personally Lennon, Paul, Ringo and George may have been douche bags, I don’t know the living ones personally and ill never meet the dead ones, same goes for you, and honestly i don’t give a crap about how they carried themselves privately. My concern is with the musical proposal. And the fact that i think that art is art and thus can’t be discarded as garbage just because you don’t like it. I mean daddy yankees music is terrible for me but i cant say its irrelevant or that it should be eliminated just because i don’t like it. But man what gets me is that it’s the beatles man, the beatles!!!!!!. And im not talking about the 20 or so songs that are super associated with the “first boy band”, im talking about the whole body of work, there are beatles songs that break my heart, make me dance, make me laugh and take me to places back in time. I think it also has to do with the fact that ive associated memories to certain beatles songs. I love the beatles. When i was 14 i got 2 cds, the john lennon imagine album and the slayer show no mercy. Clearly a fork in musical orientation. But as i was putting together my b17 flying fortress and getting a horrible headache from glue fumes i developed the concept of tolerance for music.  Im about to discard this post because it seems like a whole bunch of nonsense, what the heck it stays.

How do you not like the beatles man? I mean i like kraftwerk, i can get it if most people don’t, it’s all abstract and minimal, maybe dark funeral is not your cup of tea, its hyper satanic unintelligible Scandinavian black metal performed by grown men dressed up like panda bears, but i love the music. But the beatles? I can’t even register them in a genre. I mean its pop and all but their songs are so creative and full of musical landscapes and so very different from each other.

I don’t know everyone has a right to think and do whatever they want I suppose, and i have to respect them. Have a photo.  I just edited this for a friend who’s feeling sad today.

I saw a website from a guy who goes as far as to claim he does not trust people who don’t like the beatles… i wouldn’t go that far but every once in a while i pop out the beatles discography and time travel.

all for now.


2 Responses to “cant be bothered – rant”

  1. 1 Anda Larson
    January 20, 2010 at 11:32 pm

    Are you ready for this? I have not EVER heard the Beatles sing! — not live, not on the radio, not on a record, not on anything. And I grew up with them, sort of! When I was a young adult, they were the Rage. In retrospect, i do wonder how i managed to avoid them, for they were EVERYWHERE!!!! But to date I have not heard one single song they did. I think I grew up in a caccoon. Sometimes I find myself curious: what DO the Beatles sound like?

    How do you like that? A real, live person from the Dark Ages, eh?

    I don’t know why I wrote that, but it doesn’t matter.

    • January 20, 2010 at 11:44 pm

      See thats cool, i think being there when it happened and being able to isolate yourself from a trend like that is fine. I mean its like me in some years being asked about justin timberlake or god know what people are listening to now, i would have no clue. I dont think the beatles are the greatest band ever or anything its just that i felt kind of mad hearing someone say terrible things about a band i hold dear because of memories i have attached. Like Simon & Garfunkel, or Underworld, or stan getz, or ninna simone and so on.

      And youre not at all from the dark ages, your knowledge of classical music is exquisit. And my friend despite whatever anyone says, classical music and jazz are the highest form of music. So youre still cool. Actually cooler for not being swept by the beatles fad when it happened.

      You rock.

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