Beach Journal part 2 – rant

Before i start typing here i want to clarify that i started the fire the night before with a lighter, I didn’t have the metal wool thingie so the 9V lighter didn’t work. I don’t want to give myself any McGyver super powers that i just don’t have… ok, on to the journal.

“Sat jan 15, 7:20am

What a strange night. I think i broke the camera. Well not broke, i just can’t zoom. When i try to, i get a lens error. Well , when i wrote that previous note i was a bit on the drunk side.  Turns out last night at about 5pm i decide to forage for wood. It’s dry season, but since this is a really touristy place branches are scarce.  Everyone wants to make a fire. Im really proud because I can make a propper fire. So anyways the fire starts getting settled but i notice ill need heavier wood. I go on an adventure and come back with 2 huge logs and the bruises and cuts to prove it. I get the logs in place and, thank god, i lose the lighter after the fire got started. I soon notice that i dont have an efficient way to cook sausages for the hotdogs. Then all of a sudden some old dude comes out of nowhere and says hi. He was bummish and super tanned. I immediately offer a hot dog and he rejects it on the account of the sand. My food was not fit for a beach bum.

16 jan 2010

Since my last communication ive managed to get into better spirits. I’m glad i did not bring my mp3. The sound of the waves is an awesome tune that sings an ancient tale, the tale of planet water. How can i describe this. I’m 2 miles away across the beach from where i should be. There is not a person near by. I’ve taken a billion pictures. Lots of chess pieces as the theme. After i had an unheated can of pork and beans, advertised as “honey hickory bbq -licious home style” or something, which turned out to be just plain old pork an beans… i went to the restaurant, i had  fish sticks (i just remembered that stupid south park episode) and french fries. For shits and giggles I…(interrupted)


…ok i spaced out into the ocean scene and a hornet attacked. The ocean is getting closer and closer and i don’t know if im in a place that is dry during high tide. There are remnants of a previous fire next to which i found a broken sandal. The amazing coincidence is that while setting up the tent 20 mins earlier, my sandal also broke in the same place. The odds for the same foot sandal to have broken the same way are 1 in 2 …

Im sweating a lot and drifting away from my point. The one about shits and giggles… before the hornet of death. At the restaurant, for shits and giggles i lay out the chess board while im eating. I mean i brought it all this way right? ”

To be continued,


in the mean time enjoy some of the photos. I’ve got 400+ altho some 85% are crap and out of focus … im trying to get better. The one with the catch 22 is from where i set the tent and wrote the second entry in this post. Its looking away to the very other corner were i camped the night before. Not a soul in sight. Quite nice. I didn’t sleep here tho, just spent the day reading snoozing taking photos and writing. Wrote very little because im not used to writing with a pen and i got a sore back after a while… old bastard. I have to get a tape recorder.


4 Responses to “Beach Journal part 2 – rant”

  1. 1 Jess
    January 19, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    The beach looks amazing…the sea creature terrifying. And I’m super surprised a beach bum would be offended by sand. Perhaps he’s done it for so long he’s a connoisseur at keeping food on the beach sandless.

    In fact, I’m sure that’s it.

    Anyway. I’m supremely jealous you went to the beach. I’m going on Thursday and Friday…but it’s not roughing it. I’m staying in a hotel on the beach.

    • January 19, 2010 at 6:12 pm

      Funny you mention that, i actually told him “Look man you must be an authority on sandless beach cuisine, show me how its done. He grilled 2 dogs and gave them back to me because they had sand. I really doubt he was a real bum. Glad you liked the pics and enjoy the beach, hotel or no hotel. Thanks again for reaing !

  2. January 20, 2010 at 6:22 am

    You just reminded me of Survivorman dude, haha. And I’m envious now, I wish I could do that.

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