Beach journal part 1- rant

Alrtie these are just how I wrote them. Some may not make too much sense but I tried to sit and write in special strange moments.

“jan 15-10

14:15 local waffleshire time

After 2 hours and some poor supermarket choices, i finally made it to the bus to the beach. I’m writing this on a notebook i bought at the supermarket. They didn’t have the small pads i was looking for, so i had to get one of these things. I’m sitting in the back seat of a very crowded bus. They are playing really loud salsa. I can feel the bass in my pancreas. How annoying. I hope it does not stir a bowel movement, because were packed tight in here. Now to the shopping. i think i really over did it. The dude sitting right next to me is wondering why in the name of god am i writing in a notebook. My handwriting is, to be fair, spastic. Th bus is moving, will continue later”

“Jan 15

17:15 waffleshire time

Captains log, star date 123.45678. Im sitting on the sand in front of my tent. After getting of the bus i proceeded to head into town to buy additional supplies, mainly toilet paper and a metal brillo pad, sun glasses and a 9v battery. I saw something on YouTube about starting a fire like that. There are some really cool waves crashing. The sun is perfect and I managed to score a camping area for 5 bucks. I have to be out of here by morning. It’s difficult to write because im just in awe of nature. I didn’t bring an mp3, mainly because I don’t have one and because i read somewhere that people who bring their own music can’t deal with their thoughts. I’m really happy and at peace. I figure I spent way too much money on food. On the bus here we stopped at a place were i got 4 churros that I just ate. I’ve already set the chessboard and im looking forward to chilling out and taking come pics. I have to confess that I don’t think this is roughing it out too much, because im under a bohio. There are lots of bugs but they seem to be more interested on the pen then in biting me. As i write this i realize how big my belly is. I have to do something about that.”

“Date: that night
Time: pretty late
Condition: inebriated

Middle of the night. Star date … ?

I met a random stranger and shared many hotdogs. Fire success”


4 Responses to “Beach journal part 1- rant”

  1. 1 Jess
    January 18, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    I might have been wrong about where I suspected you live. But your photos are beautiful!!! Sounds like a fun trip :). I envy you buying 4 churros and eating them…*sigh* I will live vicariously through your eating habits.

    And I tend to agree with your “not really roughing it” statement…but I think just being out away from normal societal pressures (work, shopping centers, kitchens) counts for a great deal. It’s the thought that happens when you’re away from that that matters, not necessarily how miserable you are.

    Not that roughing it is miserable. I’m not saying what I mean to be saying. Nevermind.

    • January 18, 2010 at 12:40 pm

      i totally got what you meant to say but came out how your mind set it in the order that it came out in. you rock. Well these journals are really cronological so there is more to come, i did end up roughing it a bit more. I dont remember what i wrote so well see what happens. Thanks so much for reading and understanding exactly what i mean. =)

  2. 3 Anda Larson
    January 18, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    Man, I envy you your freedom to do this. That is sooooo cool — running off to the beach, enjoying nature, taking things as they come………

    • January 18, 2010 at 12:41 pm

      It was lots of strange fun. Its like solitary confinement in huge open spaces. No music no nothing i had the wierdest dreams that first nigth. Thanks for reading Anda, ill be sending you some chess pics latter today.

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