Journal Entry 15.01.10 – rant

Im going to try to go to the beach on this trip with only 10$. I leave tomorrow at noon and im thinking of returning on saturday. Im starting to question my motivations for this trip. I have the option of tapping into my savings and having a little bit more comfort (food) on the trip, but i would be right back where i started. No savings. I guess i can take the extra money and just save a little less. I really feel like i need to get away from the city and clear my thoughts. I sure wish i had a tape recorder. I guess i can buy a little note pad and take thoughts down for later publication. One can really go on a recorder and talk a lot of nonsense. Actually making the effort to write things down may prove a better way to document. Like a reporter i suppose. Ok its settled then, ill take 40$ in total. That way I can stay until sunday. Monday is MLK day in the US so im off work and i can work on processing all the photos and notes. I’ve been told that the place were im to camp is frequented by many people on camping adventures so i guess it wont be that pure. I have to work my way into my old self.

I can’t seem to stop taking photos. This one is a yellow flower that comes every morning out only for 4 hours a day and then dies. They call it the good morning flower and i managed to take a nice pic. The original is really huge and yellow. I did some really crazy photoshp effects to make it look radioactive. Im taking the chess set, like 3 changes of clothes, all crack headish and comfortable, flashlight, a very large sun hat, and i guess ill be needing to buy some large sunglasses. Because im on my own im thinking of keeping the drinking to a minimum. Im charging my cell and ive put all my online chess games on pause. I have some really good ideas for unspoilable foods i can buy at the shops before i go. Some jams and spread cheese that come in little toothpaste like tubes. Pretty light and long-lasting and quite NASA ish. I’m also getting a LARGE gallon of water. In total im not carrying too many things so ill be ok. Wish me luck.


4 Responses to “Journal Entry 15.01.10 – rant”

  1. January 15, 2010 at 9:46 am

    I was just about to do that! (wish you luck) So there you are – Good luck! Be sure to show us the results, aye? 🙂

  2. 4 Anda Larson
    January 15, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    Oh, you don’t need it, but I wish you luck anyway. That sounds like a WONDERFUL adventure! I’m so glad you’re doing it while you can. There may be a time when you’ll find yourself tied down to something or other (house, family, other responsibilities?) — so go, go, go while you can. Enjoy every moment. I hope you’ll meet a like-minded spirit…………

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