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Blog over

No real sanctuary from people you dont want to have around. Maybe ill do this again later, under another pseudonim. Till then best wishes blog land and sorry for the sudden departure.

i will be deleting the whole thing in a couple of days.

message me if you want more info.


u dont understand my verk – rant

Friday, yay!!!! I’m broke so i cant really go anywhere or do much. I don’t think if i had any money that would have been any different. I am super concerned about my lack of any sort of physical activity altogether. I believe that just like the camera was a priority last pay period, joining a gym and getting a bike should be the priority for next pay period. I do suffer from computer paranoia tho. I DREAD the idea of anything happening to my computer and not having a backup computer to work from. I do have data backups and an extra emergency hard drive, but i used to work in tech support and i know for a fact that motherboards, processors, memory modules, video cards, power supplies an so on just fail. And sometimes all at once. I did assemble my computer part by part so i know how to fix or diagnose most things, but the thing with computers is that the diagnostic is usually “need to get a new…”.  So with that in mind im considering putting together a crappy backup pc just in case, you know…. in case the fat lady hits the fan on the worst possible moment.

At the same time i feel im in the worse shape of my life. I know ive got all i need to get my butt off this chair come quittin time and walk for 30 minutes. But i know myself. I’ll do it 1 or 2 days and then ill be bored. I need to trick my brain into enjoying and looking forward to it. I know not being a slob should be enough motivation, but you’d be surprised the compromises an already lazy brain makes. So im split. Should i invest in a little crappy computer? Or in the whole gym situation. There is a gym bike distance away in a sort of snobbish side of the neighborhood, so good machines and price “motivating” enough to make me go every day just on principle. Plus i get a complementary instructor or something.

Then there is the garden. When i used to live with my ex a long time a go in a zip code far far away, i kept a pretty neat garden. I even had semi pseudo quasi bonsai lemon trees (when we separated she kept the cat, the dog, and the trees. They all died within 9 moths) . I had a time when i tried to make bonsai out of everything man. It was great. The  monotony of every day getting home had a bit of a purpose. I also grew roses, tomatoes and herbs. About 5 days ago i decided to get into the gardening thing again. So every morning before start time i spend about 30 mins with the front garden. This is a very good part of the world to do the plant thing, and why not, ill start bonsaing again. Poorly, but i did manage to make some trees look really cool. I did accidentally kill some trees because of poor pruning or inadequate fertilization techniques.  I called the whole endeavor “My Verk”. You know, like “my work” but with an evil german scientist sort of accentto it. Made me laugh, made my ex laugh, made the cat yawn. Made the plants get enormous and wonderful and yielding once i got the hang of it. And so there we are, over 500 words and no drama. See you all monday. Have a great weekend.


The invention of lying – review

So a friend of mine recommends this film. I had sort of idea what it was about but i wasnt too sure how they would make it work. I can’t tell you anything about it except that you should watch it. It’s amazing how much of our life is a lie. The movies we watch are fiction, which is just a fancy word for lie, after all they depict situations that never took place. We lie to the people we love to save them from suffering and sometimes we lie to the people we hate to exaggerate a flaw and make them feel like dirt. I try not to lie so much. Well thats a lie I guess. I have not told the truth i didn’t want to write today, and i was trying to come up with ideas on how to excuse my inability to bla bla about a movie. I felt really bad about the whole camping journal thing. I realize its my own doing because i just decided it wasnt good enough. I was lying to myself.

One of the best things about this movie are the cameo appearances of some of my favorite characters from some great movies and shows. Cant tell you who they are, don’t want to spoil the surprise. The acting is pretty par, i mean it’s a comedy after all, you cant expect Shakespearean performances. But it does the trick. Its got Jennifer Garner, who i think looks like a transvestite. I’m sorry, im terrible but i have to be honest and not lie. She has this hard male like facial angles that fashion magazines love but i don’t. Dont get me wrong if she knocked on my door and requested sexual congress, my answer would not be provided in words, but as far as being the definition of hot?… no.   Ricky Gervais is in it too, he’s pretty cool and is in my opinion the ANTI Hugh Grant. Which makes him a lot more relatable and bearable then his counterpart… annoying Hugh. In general the pace of the film is pretty good, the idea is super brilliant and the way it messes with people belief system is pretty wicked. I really liked that aspect of it.

I remember when i was a kid my mother would tell us that if we walked backwards it would cause ones mother, no matter where she was to drop dead immediately. The thought of mother dying at such a tender age was so unbearable that we didn’t even try it. Later i realized that she lied to us in order for us to avoid a dangerous situation with a tangible consequence. Can you think of any other such similar sets of circumstances?  A set of fictional ideas brought forth in order to keep people from killing, cheating, stealing, and so on? I bet there were children that managed to figure out that walking backwards was just a stupid idea on their own, and that mom would be fine if one decided to do it. But i guess there are people who need to believe in a harsher more defined set of consequences to assimilate that they there are things that should not be done.


cant be bothered – rant

I’ve started at least 4 new posts and failed to finish. It’s like i cant be bothered to write. Ive got heaps of material left from the beach trip but it so personal and journalish that i feel like it may be super boring for people. Not that thousands read it, but i do consider lots the few that do. So i guess when i dont feel like doing something should do what i want. So ill just write random things…

Why is it that its become trendy to go against trends? To the point that the bigger the trend the cooler it is to go against it. I mean, i do it. There are trends i reject absolutely,  but not because its cool but because there are things i genuinely dislike (reality shows, Julia Roberts, Carlos Mencia, lady gaga, brit spears, that friggin black eyed peas song, american idol, kim cardashian, ER, etc, etc, etc). But to pick something that just isnt really hateable and destroy it just to portray an image of  “no one gets me” is super lame. (unless ofcourse you genuinely have a dislike for said thing) Ok maybe some people REALLY hate the beatles. Sure no worries i dont like the rolling stones too much, but to say theyre over rated and suck and so on just because zappa said they suck is a bit on the poser end of the spectre. And to bring a huge amount of historical musical evidence to prove how much the beatles suck and what lame ripoff buffoons they were is really taking it to the limit.

If the person who said this is somehow reading this, im sorry i didn’t want to get into a huge argument on Facebook. And besides i don’t want to argue about how crappy and over rated you and frank Zappa think the beatles are. Personally Lennon, Paul, Ringo and George may have been douche bags, I don’t know the living ones personally and ill never meet the dead ones, same goes for you, and honestly i don’t give a crap about how they carried themselves privately. My concern is with the musical proposal. And the fact that i think that art is art and thus can’t be discarded as garbage just because you don’t like it. I mean daddy yankees music is terrible for me but i cant say its irrelevant or that it should be eliminated just because i don’t like it. But man what gets me is that it’s the beatles man, the beatles!!!!!!. And im not talking about the 20 or so songs that are super associated with the “first boy band”, im talking about the whole body of work, there are beatles songs that break my heart, make me dance, make me laugh and take me to places back in time. I think it also has to do with the fact that ive associated memories to certain beatles songs. I love the beatles. When i was 14 i got 2 cds, the john lennon imagine album and the slayer show no mercy. Clearly a fork in musical orientation. But as i was putting together my b17 flying fortress and getting a horrible headache from glue fumes i developed the concept of tolerance for music.  Im about to discard this post because it seems like a whole bunch of nonsense, what the heck it stays.

How do you not like the beatles man? I mean i like kraftwerk, i can get it if most people don’t, it’s all abstract and minimal, maybe dark funeral is not your cup of tea, its hyper satanic unintelligible Scandinavian black metal performed by grown men dressed up like panda bears, but i love the music. But the beatles? I can’t even register them in a genre. I mean its pop and all but their songs are so creative and full of musical landscapes and so very different from each other.

I don’t know everyone has a right to think and do whatever they want I suppose, and i have to respect them. Have a photo.  I just edited this for a friend who’s feeling sad today.

I saw a website from a guy who goes as far as to claim he does not trust people who don’t like the beatles… i wouldn’t go that far but every once in a while i pop out the beatles discography and time travel.

all for now.


Beach Journal part 2 – rant

Before i start typing here i want to clarify that i started the fire the night before with a lighter, I didn’t have the metal wool thingie so the 9V lighter didn’t work. I don’t want to give myself any McGyver super powers that i just don’t have… ok, on to the journal.

“Sat jan 15, 7:20am

What a strange night. I think i broke the camera. Well not broke, i just can’t zoom. When i try to, i get a lens error. Well , when i wrote that previous note i was a bit on the drunk side.  Turns out last night at about 5pm i decide to forage for wood. It’s dry season, but since this is a really touristy place branches are scarce.  Everyone wants to make a fire. Im really proud because I can make a propper fire. So anyways the fire starts getting settled but i notice ill need heavier wood. I go on an adventure and come back with 2 huge logs and the bruises and cuts to prove it. I get the logs in place and, thank god, i lose the lighter after the fire got started. I soon notice that i dont have an efficient way to cook sausages for the hotdogs. Then all of a sudden some old dude comes out of nowhere and says hi. He was bummish and super tanned. I immediately offer a hot dog and he rejects it on the account of the sand. My food was not fit for a beach bum.

16 jan 2010

Since my last communication ive managed to get into better spirits. I’m glad i did not bring my mp3. The sound of the waves is an awesome tune that sings an ancient tale, the tale of planet water. How can i describe this. I’m 2 miles away across the beach from where i should be. There is not a person near by. I’ve taken a billion pictures. Lots of chess pieces as the theme. After i had an unheated can of pork and beans, advertised as “honey hickory bbq -licious home style” or something, which turned out to be just plain old pork an beans… i went to the restaurant, i had  fish sticks (i just remembered that stupid south park episode) and french fries. For shits and giggles I…(interrupted)


…ok i spaced out into the ocean scene and a hornet attacked. The ocean is getting closer and closer and i don’t know if im in a place that is dry during high tide. There are remnants of a previous fire next to which i found a broken sandal. The amazing coincidence is that while setting up the tent 20 mins earlier, my sandal also broke in the same place. The odds for the same foot sandal to have broken the same way are 1 in 2 …

Im sweating a lot and drifting away from my point. The one about shits and giggles… before the hornet of death. At the restaurant, for shits and giggles i lay out the chess board while im eating. I mean i brought it all this way right? ”

To be continued,


in the mean time enjoy some of the photos. I’ve got 400+ altho some 85% are crap and out of focus … im trying to get better. The one with the catch 22 is from where i set the tent and wrote the second entry in this post. Its looking away to the very other corner were i camped the night before. Not a soul in sight. Quite nice. I didn’t sleep here tho, just spent the day reading snoozing taking photos and writing. Wrote very little because im not used to writing with a pen and i got a sore back after a while… old bastard. I have to get a tape recorder.


Digital Me, again. – art


Chess photos – art

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